Favarger indispensable for your corporate communication

Favarger chocolates perfectly embody the excellence of our savoir-faire and Swiss quality at its best. Since the very beginning and up until today, our House, with its rich history of 190 years of manufacturing tradition, has always fully mastered every step in the chocolate-making process. By selecting our 100% natural products, you can ensure that your customers and partners will enjoy special moments of pleasure and sharing that emphasize exceptional taste and luxurious elegance.


Bespoke attention

Your company’s visual identity and logo will be greatly enhanced by being displayed on the boxes of our legendary chocolates. The packaging of our delicious Avelines, our mini bars, our classical 100 gram chocolate bars and our boxes of pralines can be customized.

For a one-of-a-kind gift, your printed logo can decorate our Heritage Edition natural wood pencil boxes. We can also print your brand image on our fresh chocolates using edible cocoa butter-based silk-screen printing. And, for the ultimate in bespoke design, their elegant box can host your message, whilst the ribbon that gift-wraps the box and the wax stamp that seals it can be embellished with your corporate colours and effigy.

Favarger chocolate... irresistible anytime, anywhere

Our most noble products are sure to delight when you offer your customers, partners and guests special attentions. The delicious flavours of our Avelines, our Nougalines, our mini bars and our fresh chocolates will give great pleasure during your meetings, indulgent breaks or after meal coffee-times. From the beginning to the end of your social and business exchanges, Favarger chocolates will complement special moments by ensuring they are ever-so exceptional and unforgettable.

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