FAVARGER - Nos spécialités



Our Avelines, created back in 1922, became a landmark in Favarger Manufacture history and would go on to quickly become our most iconic product.

Etymologically-speaking, the name Avelines comes from the Spanish avellana, which means hazelnut. From that moment, our Avelines’ delicious composition would celebrate the noblest ingredients. Cocoa beans from carefully-selected origins continue to be used today as the base of our cocoa paste, which is still made entirely in our Manufacture. Swiss whole milk, hazelnuts, almonds and Madagascan Bourbon vanilla provide the harmonious taste of Avelines and their incomparable flavours. The delicacy and elegance of the chocolate invites the subtle crunchiness of the burst of almonds to express the tremendous taste of our mythical pralines.


The Nougalines chocolate bites, which became part of Favarger’s creations in 1932, would boost the Manufacture’s success even more.

Pure indulgent delight and one of the Favarger Manufacture’s exclusive specialities, our Nougaline harmoniously combines three textures, inviting to experience unique, intense pleasure. An ever-so creamy hazelnut and almond, or walnut praline paste is delicately encased by two crunchy hazelnut or walnut-flavoured nougatine shells, then exquisitely covered with a fine layer of milk chocolate. The pure harmony of crunchiness and creaminess infuse this Favarger speciality with uniqueness and incomparable flavour.

Chocolate Spreads and Fondue

The Favarger Manufacture proposes traditionally-made chocolate spreads, a fun and original way to enjoy Swiss chocolate. Our healthy and delicious spreads for both young and old alike are free from palm oil, soy lecithin and additives.

We have created two exclusive Swiss chocolate spread recipes to delight all tastes:

  • A chocolate spread made with fine praline. This Swiss chocolate-based speciality offers a delightfully smooth texture in the mouth. It includes 48 % of hazelnuts.
  • A spread created with vintage-style praline prepared using a traditional method. The almonds (21 %) and hazelnuts (24 %) are caramelized then ground in a stone grinder dating to the beginning of the 20th century.

Our Manufacture also invites you to discover its delicious Swiss dark chocolate fondue. This fondue is an absolute treat with fruit, the crunchiness of meringues and the softness of marshmallow. The intensity and subtlety of aromas unveiled in this recipe are exalted by the pleasurable texture. A highly-original way to discover and enjoy Favarger Swiss chocolate.