It all began with a love story

Once upon a time a watchmaker fell in love with the daughter of a chocolate maker from Geneva. By marrying her, he also embraced the chocolate making profession, which he learnt alongside his stepfather.

This love story continued through seven generations of the Favarger family, men and women driven by exacting standards, a desire for independence and a sense of loyalty.

The places, pictures, photographs and old books recount through the years the story of a profession and of a family of Genevan entrepreneurs.

Today Favarger remains a family-run business.

Day after day the same values and ethos motivate men and women who draw upon the treasures of this history to inspire its future.

Favarger’s Ethos

The name Favarger exemplifies the meticulous attention paid and commitment to excellence pursued when each ingredient is selected and each recipe is created. Although Favarger ultimately aspires to attain perfection in all its creations, human beings, generosity and inter-generational transmission are the real essence of its long and enchanting history. Progress and challenges have punctuated the path of the Geneva Manufacture which, down through the centuries, the different ages, prosperous periods and years of war, has managed to keep its precious legacy alive and capitalize on its unique savoir-faire, passing it on to new generations in the most authentic way.

This same ethos has continued to drive the Manufacture since the Croatian entrepreneur Luka Rajic acquired the vast majority of Favarger shares in 2003. Upon settling in Geneva, he pledged to perpetuate the Manufacture’s exceptional heritage.