Favarger's savoir-faire

Treasured savoir-faire

Transforming beans into chocolate requires intricate knowledge and expertise that Favarger has been mastering with passion and perfection since 1826. Chocolate making incorporates four major steps: roasting, grinding, conching and tempering.

Bean roasting temperatures and times are precisely defined based on batches. This step determines the quality of the chocolate. Experience is just as important as fine-tuning the machines during this phase. The knowledge and skills that Favarger applies when roasting the beans, hazelnuts and almonds mean it can create its blends freely, in line with the origin of the beans and in keeping with its own in-house recipes.

The basic components of chocolate are mixed together, and then reduced into particles by passing through a series of rollers. This powder is then conveyed to mixers known as “conches”, which transform it and eliminate all unwanted elements so that the ultimate chocolaty notes, adding a touch of roundness and harmony to the recipe, can be unveiled. Conching temperatures and times vary for each recipe and give each product Favarger’s signature flavour.


Our Master Chocolatier

A true standard-bearer for Favarger, our master chocolatier draws on authentic, ancestral know-how while at the same time constantly creating and developing new ideas.

History, the handing down of know-how and quality are the 3 key values of our company.

“With 100 % control over the production chain from the bean to the finished chocolate, my mission as the orchestrator responsible for the chocolate factory, is to shape the products and working techniques, always striving to create a sublime chocolate.”