The high quality standard of all the raw materials we use ensures excellence in taste. And, this is why Favarger is committed to observing a rigorous quality charter. For Favarger, authenticity in taste opens the door to a paradise of delights.
As a Chocolate Manufacture since 1826, we are proud to develop high quality products according to the following commitments:

100 % of our production takes place in our Chocolate Manufacture in Geneva

  • We control 100 % of the manufacturing processes, from the selection of raw materials to the finished product.
  • We roast and produce 100 % of our chocolate mass
  • Our chocolates are made with 100 % cocoa butter
  • 100 % of the milk used is of Swiss origin
  • Our aromas are all 100 % natural
  • 100 % of our production is GMO-free, soy lecithin-free, palm oil-free

Optimal quality for our chocolates

  • We strive for quality in all our processes: origin of the ingredients, roasting, grinding, conching, temperature control, packaging
  • Our quality commitment is supported by several international certifications (pioneer of certification ISO 22000 in Switzerland)
  • We retain a craft-based and semi-craft based production

utz-corporate-logo-payoff-englishBy buying UTZ certified cocoa, we support sustainable cocoa farming. www.utz.org