Swiss chocolate at its best

For almost two hundred years, Favarger has been committed to making Swiss chocolate at its best. In total contrast to industrial standards and performances, our Manufacture in Versoix embraces strict criteria and strong commitments to offer you the ultimate in Swiss chocolate. To this day, we continue to make our chocolate in a craft-based and semi-craft-based way. From roasting, to grinding and conching, we strive for the best possible quality to ensure that the chocolate we offer you is at its very best.

At its best, first of all through our affinity to our region. Our chocolate is deeply rooted in Switzerland. Established in the centre of Geneva and then in Versoix, our chocolate Manufacture has been an icon of the canton of Geneva for almost two hundred years.

At its best also through our premium quality products. Our milk and beet sugar for instance are Swiss. Our cocoa beans are carefully selected and roasted in our Manufacture, as are our hazelnuts and almonds that we use in our recipes.

First of all our beans are cleaned, then roasted to develop the aromas of our Swiss chocolate. Next, we crush the beans to obtain nibs. These cocoa chips are then transferred to a cocoa grinder to produce cocoa paste, which is the base of all our Swiss chocolate recipes. This is followed by blending the ingredients and grinding. A key step where the size of the beans is reduced so that not even the smallest particle can be felt in the mouth. To ensure our Swiss chocolate is incomparably delicate and creamy, the finely ground chocolate paste is put through conches (or work bowls): this is known as conching. Last but not least, to give our Swiss chocolate a silky sheen, the chocolate mass is cooled down to moulding temperature (around 30 degrees): this is known as tempering.

Our Master Chocolatiers’ craftsmanship and passion give Favarger Swiss chocolate the very best taste. Through this exceptional Swiss chocolate, we share our commitment to excellence and our passion with you.

Dedicated to 100 % natural products, Favarger exemplifies the noblest of chocolate.